REVIEW: Mitex – Ensky

Thanks to Flux BPM!

Dimitri Kechagias review: Above All records is back with another high class release by its upcoming artist Mitex. The track is called Ensky and the package contains three very different flavours. The original mix is a powerful energetic straight to the point uplifting trancer with driving dynamic basslines, pounding kicks and exceptional orchestral music theme in the breakdown that is optimistic and very inspirational. The climax is euphoric and pure crystal clear trance as we loved it to be. The Hard mix twists things around by employing harder edgy basslines and after the anthemic breakdown focuses on the sharp bass and gets all agressive and rough to the maximum. Lastly Alex Shore transforms the proceedings completely as he give us mainstage big room progressive trance at its highest quality. Great work on the trancy synths and overall well balanced production with energy, emotion, epic atmosphere and hypnotic feel. #PureGold Love It

Out now!