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  • New Label: Audio Treatment

    21 augustus, 2019

    Expanding the family with “Audio Treatment” ! Audio Treatment is a new sublabel for the range of 126 / 132 Progressive Trance. Not particularly to release more music, but we would like to offer specific genres to those who are interested. Alltum will stay focussed on the Deep and Techno-ish sides of the Trance spectrum, Above All will be focussing more on the uplifting Trance and Above Allternative will be the place for the Tech- and Harder Trance sounds. In the past mainly Above Allternative was a to wide mix between Progressive and some harder sounds, so with this customization we can serve your interests better! The first release will be out next week: Spark & Shade – Daybreak !

  • New year, new us!

    3 januari, 2019

    2018 has brought a lot of good things, but we also believe that standing still is going backwards. So what to do to stay relevant in a rapidly changing and developping music scene, and Trance scene in particular?

  • Cosmic Gate, Roger Shah and Assaf support ...

    12 maart, 2018

    The support for Zerotonine’s debut release on Above All Records is quite overwhelming. The response to the promo has been great and so are the plays! Cosmic Gate, Roger Shah, Assaf and Spark & Shade have added it already to their playlists. The release is 12 March on Above Allternative, you can get it here:

This month’s release

Woody van Eyden & Misja Helsloot – Liquid Dinner

Woody van Eyden & Misja Helsloot – Liquid Dinner

Two DJ’s with an excellent track records over the years teamed up for a ‘Liquid Dinner’! The more uplifting sound of Woody van Ey

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