Review: Marc Simz – Submarine

With thanks to FluxBPM for the review!

Dimitri Kechagias review: One of the most beloved dj and producer Marc Simz from Netherlands is back with his powerful straight to the point power banger Submarine. His ability to compose danceable tracks is well documented and this track is absolutely earth shaking. Rough aggressive relentlessly moving drums, electro infused driving basslines, dark industrial synths and intensity to the maximum. The breakdown reveals the fantastic sharp rave style distorted synthy hook that will raise the hair from your back and will drive many clubbers insane. The climax is super wild and euphoric with dynamic beats and uplifting atmosphere putting any dancefloor on fire! Submarine is mainstage trance friendly anthem that delivers what it promises and even more. #PureGold Love It!

Release date: 19 January
Already supported by Alex MORPH, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Keano, Maarten de Jong, Mark Sherry and more!