Trance Academy: Maria Healy interview

Congrats on your deal with Music & Artist Agency. How did this start? And what does this mean for your career?

Thank you very much! I spent my summer in Ibiza last year and I was playing in a little bar called ‘Tropi’ in San Antonio (anyone who likes Trance should know about Tropi). It was pretty early on in the night and Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody Van Eyden were sitting outside drinking. After a while they came into me and said they loved my set and asked me for my email address. I think it was Alex who said to Woody ‘sign that girl’. Shortly after I got an email from Woody inviting me to their HeavensGate live broadcast at Café Mambos. I was so excited! We had a laugh and a good chat. Then he invited me to play at their next live show in September. Little did I know it was after Ferry Corsten! I got back home to Dublin at end of September and made contact with Woody, then flew to Germany for a meeting and hey presto! I feel really lucky to have a manager with so much experience in the industry, so I’m in good hands. Everyone in the agency has been welcoming and so easy to work with. So much exciting things in the pipeline!

How long have you been into the production side of trance, and when did you start learning it?

I’ve always been dabbling in it since 2009 / 2010. I got myself a proper production PC in 2010 then with Cuebase 5 and started to build my little studio bit by bit. I love buying equipment, it’s a bit of an addiction! I’ve still a lot of learning to do but I’m blessed with having good people around me to answer my questions and give me a helping hand. This year is definitely about focusing on my production and taking it to the next level.

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