“The Friday Five…” with STA

Hi Andrey, nice to meet you! We know you are producing and releasing a lot and just came back from Prague for your gig at Trance Academy. You seem on fire, but for people who don’t know STA yet…

Q: Who is your favourite producer and by which DJ’s are you influenced?

A: Hey guys, Prague was awesome and I can’t wait to play on an event like that. It is really hard to answer this question because nowadays you can see how many producers and DJs are in the world. There are three producers who I like the most: Omnia, MaRLo and Jorn van Deynhoven. Because those three guys have an idea in the tracks, I’d even say non-standard idea. That’s why their tracks are so close to me.
I also have few favourite DJs, not one. They are: Armin, Paul van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Cosmic Gate and MaRLo as well. I like what they play and how.

Q: Michel van Hilten’s question via the Above All Records page: Are you open for collabs?

A: Of course, I’m an open person 🙂

Q: Here’s a possible dilemma: DJ or Producer?

A: Both, DJ and Producer. I love producing music and I love djing. When you produce new track, you can play it in your set and see how people react on it. Isn’t it cool?

Q: What’s your favourite studio tool / plugin / gear?

A: I tried all major DAWs, but my favourite and the most comfortable to work with is Ableton. Mostly use Massive and Spire VSTs. From gear, I use: RME, ADAM and TC Electronic. Like them very much for their quality and reliability.

Q: What track would you play in every set?

A: There is no one specific track I’d play in all sets, but my tracks would be there for sure ! 🙂