Above All supports Thrive Home Rescue

“She is not for sale, she is PRICELESS” “No one can do everything, but we all can do something.”

Above All supports Thrive Home Rescue! Their mission: Pattaya Thailand is a city known as the ‘world capitol for child sex trafficking’, Jeremy & Jenifer Kraus were heartbroken as they visited this city. The heart-wrenching faces of young girls trapped in sex trafficking would leave their mark on their hearts forever.

As we walked the streets of Pattaya we knew “we must do something, no matter the cost. After all, these girls are NOT for sale, they are PRICELESS.”
At Thrive Rescue Home, our specialized restoration of these girls is our heartbeat. Our girls receive medical care, counseling, schooling and most importantly are cared for and loved.
Together with volunteers, partners and YOU we are bringing hope and restoration to these young girls trapped in an invisible cage.

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To support their mission we are working on a sampler with some great producers and vocalists. All the profit for this release will go to Thrive Rescue Home. More info about this project will follow soon and we hope you would like to help to by buying some great tracks in the future!