Ben Gold spreads the goldrush at ADE’s Trance Academy

To Ben Gold, the summer of 2014 definitely had a golden lining. Next to playing the big festivals and Ibiza highlights, this season marked the kick-off of his very own Goldrush label – home at Armada Music. A kick-off carrying the sounds of ‘All Or Nothing’, the stunning collab with Christina Novelli. With his productions stronger than ever and the goldrush spreading faster and further than ever before, it’s obvious that Ben Gold is far beyond the phase of being trance’s next big thing. As we get closer to the Amsterdam Dance Event, where he’ll grace the decks of the promising Trance Academy night, it becomes very clear: big things are happening in the world of Ben Gold. We hooked up with the energetic producer, DJ and label-owner, who’s more than happy with his career. Ben:“I think it could be the start of something special.”

Hi Ben! Thanks for the opportunity to interview you! Let’s start off with the obvious: how are you and where are you right now?
Yo! Doing great. At home in London at the moment, working on things, including some brand new music!

You’re hot off a big summer, both gig and business wise. With autumn just setting in, would you say this might have been the biggest summer in your career yet?
It has definitely been a big one in more ways than one. Firstly, launching my very own label’ #Goldrush’. I’ve played some amazing gigs, including hosting the very first #Goldrush stage, at Escapade Music Festival in Ottawa, which was great. I’ve also written some new music amidst all of that, so yeah, it has been a pretty big summer!

First off: congratulations on the launch of ‘Goldrush’, your new imprint at Armada Music! A long cherished dream?
Thank you! It’s always been a dream of mine to run my own label. I think it could be the start of something special.

Where do you plan on taking the label? Is it going to be an outlet for your originals, or will you also be taking on the label-owner role and search for rising talents to help build their career?
Both, and that’s the most exciting part. Not only do I have my very own output for my solo material, but I also have the ability to push great talent. It also allows me to really carve out what I consider to be the #Goldrush sound; high energy, aggressive trance music, with attitude.

There’s so many promising talents and good tracks out there. What’s your secret on how to filter them and find the real gems amongst them?
I listen for music that, first and foremost, I really like. Obviously, every tune I consider for #Goldrush, I have to love. And I love listening to new music, because I never know when I’m about to hit play on! It makes it easy to sort through tons of demos when you’re motivated.

Goldrush kicked off with your Christina Novelli collab ‘All Or Nothing’, causing quite a stir on today’s dance floors. With this vocal beauty being such a great success, do you plan on doing more vocal tracks in the future?
For sure. I love vocal tracks. It’s a great way to combine bangin’ club beats and emotion. Obviously, I’m going to keep doing more underground club tracks as well, but you can definitely expect some more vocal tunes in the future!

Along with the label’s kick-off, you’ve released the ‘Goldrush Vol. 1’ compilation. What’s your aim the series? And was is a tough job – making the final selection of tracks?
My aim is to carve out a #Goldrush sound; High energy, no-nonsense trance, which is exactly the kind of stuff I play at my shows. I think #Goldrush Vol. 1 really manages to do that, in a wide variety of forms. The mix goes through loads of different styles and speeds, while still keeping the energy high. And to me, that’s exactly what the #Goldrush sound is. I’m excited to continue developing it.

It’s got a great melodic flow to it, same with all of your tracks. Do you often find that your productions, whether they’re tracks or mixes, are built around the melody? Is that the core to your sound?
Melody is most important to me. It’s what drives so much music, especially mine. As a listener, melody has always been what has stuck with me when listening to a tune. So I try and bring that to my productions.

Back to that summer season. You’ve taken quite some flights to Ibiza over the summer, having played ASOT nights at Ushuaia, Captured Festival, and the closing of Cream. Which moment pops up in memory first when thinking of the summer 2014?
Ibiza was great this year, as always. I played at a variety of different venues for tons of different crowds, and they were all great. People go to Ibiza to party, so you know that when you play there that the crowd will be very enthusiastic. That’s what makes it so good!

Is Ibiza still the Mecca of dance, you reckon? Which place do you think is its follow-up?
Ibiza def still has it. You can feel the energy on every floor, at every venue. I think Miami and Vegas are really getting up there, but Ibiza still has the magic. And I think it always will.

We’ve got Amsterdam Dance Event coming up soon as well, where you’ll play the Trance Academy night.
Really excited to play ADE at Trance Academy. It’s actually my first time playing an event during ADE!

Will you be throwing in some Goldrush ID’s that night as well, maybe? 😉
Of course 🙂 I have some great music ready to release on the label!

It’s looking up to be an intimate night with lots of dedicated trance fans, most of them flying in from abroad. Is it nights like these that make it worthwhile being a DJ, to know that the crowd is as passionate about it as you are?
It still amazes me that people fly out from half way across the world to see me play. I don’t think I will ever get over that, and it means so much to me that people do that.There’s nothing like playing a club full of real fans of your music, and your sound. It makes it so much easier to connect with them, and makes the whole night even more special. I’m really, really looking forward to it.

Are you the type to visit other parties or check out a few panels while you’re at ADE? Maybe see some other DJ’s play?
Absolutely. I don’t often get to see other DJ’s spinning.

Whatever your plans will be, we’re inviting you for a beer at Trance Academy! 😉 Thanks for the interview and see you there!
Yes! Can’t wait. Thanks so much, see you there!

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