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  • Above All Records Giveaway

    21 april, 2016

    Above All Records is releasing a package of 10 free Trance tracks to everyone who shares the message!

  • Aly & Fila supporting “Ozone”...

    15 september, 2015

    Aly & Fila supported the upcoming release on Above All Records "Ozone" by UK duo O'Shea & Newell. What a debut release!

  • Trance Talents 043

    6 juli, 2015

    Trance Talent Sessions will give you this week not one, but two fresh Trance Talents calling themselves “peakXperience”. With various releases last and this year they gained support from amongst others Solarstone (twice). We support their release “Falling Sky” to be released the 6th of July. 01. Marc Simz & STA – Chameleon [Above All Records] 02. Kenneth Cruz – With You (Hoyaa & Joakim Sjöberg Remix) [TAR] Talents of the week: 03. peakXperience – Falling Sky [Above All Records] 04. Raddle B & SoundGate – Kheops (Original Mix) [Pulsar Recordings] 05. Scott Lowe & Liam Nicklin – Where It All Began (Frank Dueffel Remix) [LED] 06. Syntouch – The Longest Journey (Unbeat_Remix) [SWM] 07. Another World & Nuaro feat. Sam Vince – Will You Save the Night (UDM Dub_Mix) [TAR] 08. Gianne Echavarre – Paraiso (Andy Groove Remix) 09. Artifi – On The Run (R.E.L.O.A.D._Remix) [Soul Waves Music] 10. Jonny Quigley – LiveWire (Original Mix) [LED] 11. Thomas James Lee – Electromotive (Original_Mix) [Pulsar Recordings] 12. Skylex – Welcome To Darkness (Original Mix) [poll id=”2″]

This month’s release

Swen van der Endt & Peter van der Schaaf – Argentum

Swen van der Endt & Peter van der Schaaf – Argentum

The collab between rising star Swen van der Endt and experienced Peter van der Schaaf resulted in an experiment where they had to find each others

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