New year, new us!

By: Matthijs Duijm

3 januari, 2019



2018 has brought a lot of good things, but we also believe that standing still is going backwards. So what to do to stay relevant in a rapidly changing and developping music scene, and Trance scene in particular?

Our first meeting as new team with Mark van Rijswijk, Matthijs / Spark & Shade, Marc / Mitex and Janco / T.O.M.

In a scene where the amount of new releases is huge and everybody is screaming for their minute of fame we have chosen to improve the quality over quantity. One of the cornerstones of Above All Records always has been and will be the focus on developping new talent. To separate the up and coming artists from the one-day-flies we wanted to extend our A&R team. We want to work on long-term relationships with our artists and together make it to the next level.

More people, more knowledge and some fresh new ideas. Mark and Marc both are skilled producers that can give useful tips to improve your productions.

2019, here we come!